We have a long and proud tradition of serving teachers and students with programs, workshops, seminars, and training.

We are expanding our role as an educator and community convener, leveraging our stories, our collections, and other resources to support critical reading, strong writing, and civic engagement for students of all ages.

Through this campaign, we will continue to provide high-quality experiences for visiting teachers and students while we increase our investment and support


In spring 2015, we introduced a set of English-and Spanish-language resources and parent workshops that will serve the 396,000 CPS students enrolled in bilingual classrooms. For students of Hispanic heritage—46% of all CPS students—the initiative creates unique opportunities for family outreach and engagement by developing an understanding of and commitment to Chicago.


CHM has developed and introduced workshops and toolkits for parents to support their children’s “Chicago literacies” learning progress.


Through an ever growing set of “Chicago at the Core” learning resources, students can read and write about the city in math, science, and social studies-focused activities and projects.

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